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Foodback Network

Check out the Foodback Network working for a more sustainable agrifood chain!

46 Ar-Ge

46 Ar-Ge produces biopolymer-added and coated fertilizers with a slow release biopolymer. It is expected that the delayed release will boost and sustain optimal crop yield while reducing the adverse effects of nitrogen and providing a controlled nutrient to the plants.


Agcurate monitors agricultural lands with satellite images throughout the year so that farmers and affiliated industries can make confident decisions. With the artificial intelligence algorithms they have developed, it provides all the details required for product supply such as cultivated area, harvest status and productivity.


Agrovisio has supported sustainable agricultural production by combining agricultural data, climatic data, satellite photos, and artificial intelligence since 2018. Agricultural firms and agriculture-based industrial groups can manage production risks throughout the year by keeping track of the cultivated area, harvest, harvest time, and product health.


Algdeha produces sustainable and environmental solutions to fish-based sectors to reduce fishing activities.


AnadOlive uses innovative heat treatment methods to transform food and waste into high-value-added products. It has developed a functional flavor enhancer from olive fruit and its wastes with sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches and transformed it into a commercial product.

Ancient Greens

Ancient Greens produces wheat grass water with a zero waste system entirely from ancestral seeds. Based on good agricultural practices, sustainability and innovation, Ancient Greens is a supplementary food production initiative.


Arkasnabak is a transparent and reliable mobile application that delivers a wealth of data about food goods both before and after a purchase. It's a program that examines packaged goods for potential health and environmental concerns.


Batır is a delicious and healthy original, nutritious, and innovative paste that appeals to both children and adults.


Bioseos aims to produce alternative and sustainable biomaterials using agricultural waste and mushroom mycelium.


Bitkim is a cloud-based application that provides rapid disease detection and medication recommendations for its users using image processing and deep learning methods. It also has machine learning and can continuously improve itself with the incoming data.

Can Bahçe

Can Bahçe is the first step of a responsibility project and a social enterprise. It was established to work on issues such as the dissemination of ecological and local production and availability of clean food and to develop sustainable systems.

Çiftçiden Eve

Çiftçiden Eve offers consumers a transparent and fair digital marketplace where they can access high nutritional value, additive-free, ecological and organic food.


Develapp's mission is to create innovative solutions for the widespread and easy use of digital technology in education, health, the environment, and food.

Eat Vappy

Eat Vappy works on vegetable-based meat technology that has higher protein, healthier, cholesterol-free, same or better taste compared to animal meat. It also produces it.


EkBiçYeİç is a social enterprise established to seek healthy, enjoyable and sustainable life in cities such as Istanbul.


EKIP is a brand new healthy food production project implemented in Istanbul under the management of the World Bank within the framework of the Financial Assistance Program for Refugees in Turkey with the financing of the European Union.

Elibelinde Tarım

Elibelinde Tarım grows fresh, locally sourced asparagus. Elibelinde Tarm's land, which was recently planted to grow European-standard White Asparagus, holds the distinction of being Turkey's largest asparagus growing area and the first white asparagus field in a single plot.


EN/IO is a high-tech company focused on tackling major problems that threaten the sustainability of the ecosystem around us. It produces ML Based chemical-free plant protection devices.


Ferticure increases the fertility of soils with worm manure produced by using food waste and animal feces. It also helps to reduce the use of chemicals.

Kadın Üreticiden

Kadın Üreticiden is a non-profit, solidarity-focused shopping platform where women manufacturers can sell their own goods. This online store is also a step toward digitizing farmer and village markets.

Kadınların Elinden

Kadınların Elinden is a social enterprise that aims to deliver natural foods produced by Anatolian women's cooperatives to large markets. It aims to transform rural women's labor into digital.


Komporize develops biodegradable biocomposite raw materials from waste tea fibers and ensures their production.


Lmwatt is a high level garden lighting solutions company focusing on creative products with the concept of obtaining maximum efficiency by consuming minimum energy.


Mumo Wrap produces completely natural reusable food storage fabrics as an alternative to cling film and refrigerator bags.


Nanomattr is an R&D and consultancy company, engaged in medium-scale production in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, focusing on high-tech additives and functional surface coatings.


Nanomik works on production of natural biopesticides that increase the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to overcome the problem of chemical pesticides used in production.


Naturansa is a biotechnology company that produces alternative sustainable proteins from edible insects by converting pre-consumer food waste into fertilizer.

Nu Snacks

Nu Snacks produces and sells sugar-free, gluten-free snacks and nut butter.

Ottan Studio

Ottan Studio designs, develops and manufactures advanced-recycled, aesthetic and quality products using organic wastes with sustainable production methods.

Plant Factory

Plant Factory aims to bring agricultural production closer to its consumers through closed, vertical and soilless production. Thus minimizing energy loss and carbon emissions caused by logistics.

SAF Nutrition

SAF Nutrition presents high quality, organic and herbal products to its users with innovative, sustainable supply and production methods.

Sage Botanics

Sage Botanics is a biotech firm focusing on R&D and quality that develops alternative herbal extracts, bio-active raw ingredients, and formulas and commercializes them.

Shaman’s Secret

Shaman’s Secret produces and sells Kombucha, a probiotic source beverage, using traditional methods.