We support women entrepreneurs transforming the agrifood industry!

The Empowering Women in Agrifood (EWA) program, in which 80 women entrepreneurs from 8 different countries will participate, continues in 2021 to support women with innovative solutions that will transform the agrifood industry!


Ayşe Sultan Kurt – Bionova –Bionova works on the conversion of food and agricultural wastes into products with high added value such as enzymes and bioethanol. It aims to facilitate the waste management of the food industry and to reduce the environmental impact of the wastes.

Elif Nisa Güler, Şeyma Alan – ConFarm – ConFarm manufactures hydroponic units in special transparent containers that can be set up anywhere to deliver fresh and healthy food.

Aylin Kalafatoğlu – Dr. Aronia – Dr. Aronia produces Aronia fruit and transforms into various products.

Esra Kübra Elden, Rabia Nart – Foodpier – Foodpier is an application that offers personalized online ordering service to suit users’ specific, healthy and sustainable diet preferences.

Simge Kayapınar – FoodSciComm – FoodSciComm aims to strengthen communication by bringing academia, food industry and stakeholders together to close the gap between science and society in the field of food and nutrition. It is a social enterprise that helps to convey new generation, reliable, scientific and understandable information to consumers with the right communication methods.

Aygen Savaş Alkan – Kybele’s Garden – Kybele’s Garden, Turkey’s first bioponic agriculture startup, cultivates agricultural products and microalgae at the same time, saving water and increasing harvest efficiency. It aims to establish sustainable food production systems of the future and to produce sustainable agriculture and food solutions with microalgae-sourced, carbon-negative, environmentally friendly products.

Ebru Gülşah Güven – Lunch Factor – Lunch Factor creates and sells customizable, healthy packed lunch service made with quality materials for offices and workspaces.

Elif Özcü, Merve Yetiş, Rüya Küçük – MALTY – Malty is a sustainable food brand that uses malt grains as a raw material and recovers malt pulp to enrich its products.

Merve Atalay – MAPLA – MAPLA produces bioplastic and compost manure from food waste.

Aslıhan Çoban – Oxypome – The Oxypome project, developed by Medhom, aims to address the raw material demands of cosmetic and organic product manufacturers by transforming wastes from fruit juice producers into antioxidant-rich raw materials and repurposing the wastes by converting them into a valuable resource.


Arda Berkay
Arda Berkay Çağın
başak özcan
Başak Özcan
Derya Çağlar
didem cikse
Didem Cikse
Dilek Şen Güven
Ece İdil Kasap
Göksemin Gökalp Özdemir
Tuba Gökcan
Tuba Üstüner
Yaprak Güngör Adamoğlu


EWA is a 6-month incubation program aimed at supporting early stage women entrepreneurs in the agrifood sector.

The program was designed to promote inclusiveness and diversity among entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food sector, to increase women-centered initiatives, and to provide the necessary knowledge, trust and support to guide entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas.


• Opportunity to grow their business with online trainings and events throughout the program for 10 women entrepreneurs who will be included in the Turkey program.

• In the country final to be held at the end of the 6-month period, the winner will be awarded 10,000 Euros, and the second will be awarded 5,000 Euros.

• Opportunity to develop existing skills and access various resources through online and face-to-face training tailored to the needs of participants

• Receive one-to-one support by working with expert mentors from the agriculture and business world

• Opportunity to directly connect, entrepreneurship and networking with more than 100 mentors and women entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food ecosystem as part of the EIT Food network

• Opportunity to participate into EIT Food’s programs in Europe and grow its business


Education Tools

Access to personalized online and face-to-face training tools


Meetings and one-on-one trainings with mentors who are experts in their fields from the food, agriculture and business world

Community Building

Opportunity to participate in entrepreneurship and networking events as part of the EIT community

Access to resources

Opportunity to participate into EIT Food’s programs in Europe and grow its business

plant fund


As a result of the program, the winner will receive a prize of 10.000€, and the second will receive a prize of 5.000€.


• To be a women founder or a co-founder with passion for the agrifood sector and a business idea​

• Residency in Turkey or in one of the other program countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Greece)

Being in the early stage entrepreneurial process that will have an impact in the agrifood sectors

• The startup must have a maximum of 2 years of activity

Incorporated enterprises must have received a maximum investment of 30,000 EUR in total since the establishment of the company.

Click for 2020 EWA Program.


If you have any questions or concerns about the program, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to ekip@foodback.co


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