Foodback, created by Impact Hub Istanbul and supported by the European Institute of Technology (EIT) Food network is a collaboration and innovation platform that supports distruptive agriculture and food innovations.



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“Working with Foodback has allowed us to better position ourselves within the startup ecosystem. We believe that introducing ourselves to audiences in various fields, listening to other initiatives and consultants will have a guiding effect for us for the presentations we will make in the future and the events we will attend. We hope that with Foodback events, we will have the opportunity to expand our network and show ourselves to a wider audience.”

Erdem Varer
Plant Factory

“Thanks to our communication, which started with the sincere invitation of the entire Foodback team, we have made significant progress in both our market entry strategy and our customer network in the food industry. Together with our work with foodback mentors, we were able to directly adapt this information to our growth efforts by obtaining real data on how to more accurately convey the advantages of our technology to customers.”

Arda Örçen

“We were incorporated during the EWA Program and focused on how we should work as a team. During the program, I saw that I communicated differently with every person I talked to and learned from them. The team really value the work we do at EWA, they focus on your business; examine your needs together and act accordingly.”

Gonca Çamkerten

“The EWA Program for me means innovation, keeping up with the times and staying up to date. Since I am mostly in the greenhouse and field, I stay away from the agenda. The EWA Program is a program that takes me from the field and adapts me to the agenda, technology, information and communication. It is a program in which we share information shoulder to shoulder and complement each other where we are lacking. Being selected for EWA is a huge achievement, a program that pays off in every way.”

Deniz Yüksel Ovalı
Ancient Greens
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